Guest artists and curators attend the summer academy to get a creative surge, revitalize their practice, gain fresh perspectives on their work, experiment in a protected, supportive environment and/or to strike out in new directions. They are typically mid-career artists and curators who wish to join graduate and doctoral students in workshops, lectures, critiques, exhibitions, and events. Post-residency, Transart can help you design a self-study program, support your praxis during the following year and advise you on an MFA or PhD proposal. Transartists continue to exhibit, publish, perform and discuss with their international community. 


3 weeks: July 24 – August 11
Deadline to apply: June 1

Join a vital, active community of artists, theorists, writers and curators who continue to exhibit and perform together internationally. Optionally get support and input for a year-long independent project. Transart Summer Academy will take place in the spacious, beautiful, fully equipped, dance and performance spaces at Ufer Studios in Berlin with exhibitions, performance and time-based events occurring on the weekends and weekday morning yoga and evening talks from artists, theorists, curators, and guests throughout. 

Choose three elective workshops, either studio or theory. Respond to projects, exercises or assignments and experiment in any media you choose in any course. Present your work to the school body for feedback as well as in small groups. Make connections with Berlin curators and artists at presentation and critique session followed by intros and reception with other curators working in Europe. Choose up to three faculty, guests or advisors for individual meetings to review your work and project plans.

Possibility to continue on to the MFA program with an accepted proposal (space permitting). 


Fees: $5000 Certificate program (3 weeks)

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