Example 1:

Report of the meeting with studio advisor:
At my last meeting with my studio advisor we had maybe less things to say but more important. I consider this simple fact as a sign of the good work accomplished together. We discussed two new works/experiences held in my studio and I showed to him the edited version of two works I did at the beginning of the semester. The most important consideration by my advisor was in relation to my art practice that emphasizes the preparation, the exercise and the aftermath as a possible narration, avoiding any metaphysical cult of the work of art or worst its subjugation to a horizontal immediate communication.
The second part of our meeting was spent on visualizing the connection between my studio practice in relation to my research thesis, then on the possible scenarios implied in my project for the Berlin summer residency in which I will present my work through a dialog with the Heishaus building.

Example 2:

Some sentences that really helped me see my practice for what it is- as opposed to what id like it to be.
Here are some:
1.linear sequence
2.you deal with the relationship between the symbolic and the real
3.you deal with the abstraction to the experiential
4.transcendence of cultures
5.currently you are creating abstract symbols that represent the messy stuff of culture.
6.feminist theory: philosophical focus…entering into male dominating space. 
How does language operate, & what about its power?
7. you deal with symbolic interpretation of language.
8. think about reinvention- reinventing what language does & what it means.
((((in what ways are we reinventing singing as well as scoring)))
9. my “score” symbols are mostly located/found in theorectical math
10.stacks of spiritual totems
11. so think of harmonic rationality in stacks!- since harmony is a vertical tower of notes// but can also be just a visual harmony
(ps eastern horizontal flow is opposite to the vertical stacks of western notation)
12.notion of capturing, extracting sound that is elusive or uncontainable *not something that can be materialized..
13. layers imply that yoiu want ppl to go through them & experience them all. 
14. psycho emotiional cultural stuff (ideas of shelter): wimb, love
15.lists- for more material explorations of nausea & anxiety
16.physics of sound explored in materials
17.reverb for me, mimics nostalgia & lostness (VUG Revisitation) so is there an imagined foundness ? (defined as something that is evidently felt yet several times removed)
18.are you performing this foundness in the womb space? by creating your sonic envelope & writing a rubric for the movement.