Transart Institute seeks applications from a wide and diverse range of creative practice including—but not limited to—performance, writing, film, video, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, curatorial practices, food, social practice and social architecture; all forms of creative research in any genre are encouraged. Part of this application process asks you to write a brief initial research proposal. A good research proposal will: 

1. Define a research question/s and your approach to answering it (these will become your methods and methodologies)
2. Highlight and contextualise how your research project contributes to change, deepens and/or expands understanding
3. Explain how it adds to, develops or challenges your work to date 

Articulate your ideas clearly—be concise and to the point. Your research proposal may vary in length but it is not expected to exceed 2 pages in length. 

The application process for our Creative Practice PhD is in three parts:
1. You will fill out an online application form (see below) which is made up of a series of questions including a short statement about your current practice, evidence of your praxis with a web link, a description and documentation of work that has led you to PhD research, a descriptive summary of your project, your research questions and methodologies, historical and theoretical contexts of your project and an initial bibliography of artists, artworks and texts.
2. an interview/conversation about your work and proposal (via Skype or similar)
3. agreed participation in the next Transart Residency and commencement of program the following semester per Faculty Board review


PhD Application Questions

1. Background: short statement about your current practice and contextualize how it influences/drives the research
2. Previous Projects: briefly describe and provide documentation of one or two projects that relate—either directly or in spirit—to your PhD proposal
3. Writing Sample: provide a sample of writing that is relevant to your project (no more than 1500 words—excerpt if necessary)

4. Project Title:
5. Short Descriptive Summary: (max 150 words)
6. Research Questions: (up to 3) what is the focus of the proposed work?
7. Project Description: including relevant historical and theoretical contexts (max. 600 words) 
8. Transart Research Interests you connect with : review Transart's research interests here
9. Methodology: what methods or systems do you use in your work that inform your practice (e.g. auto-ethnography, phenomenology, heuristics, hermeneutics etc)? How do you anticipate these will drive and help realise your project? What is your argument for this strategy? Above all, these should demonstrate that you have given thought to how you will undertake your research and anticipate the methods you will use to achieve your aims within the allotted time frame.
10. Sources and Bibliography: source list of artists, artworks and texts
11. Advisor: include the name of a Transart advisor who has agreed to work with you upon acceptance (review Transart PhD advisor bios here. You should contact to discuss potential advisor/s their willingness to work with you.)



You can commence your application here