Transart Institute seeks applications from a wide and diverse range of creative practice including—but not limited to—performance, writing, film, video, photography, painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, curatorial practices, food, social practice and social architecture. 

The application process for our Creative Practice PhD is in five parts.

  • You will fill out an online application form (see questions below) which is made up of a series of questions including a short statement about your current practice (with links to portfolio and/or writing), a description and documentation of work that has led you to PhD research, a descriptive summary of your project, your research questions and methodologies, historical and theoretical contexts of your project and an initial bibliography of artists, artworks and texts
  • an interview (via Skype or similar)
  • provisional acceptance to the program and invitation to participate in the Summer Residency
  • submission of revised PhD Proposal by mid-September
  • upon receipt of revised proposal Transart Faculty Board reviews and makes recommendations on acceptance into the program
  • invitation to join the Master of Philosophy program by October 1st (the progress from MPhil to PhD is outlined here)


PhD Application Questions

Background: short statement about your current practice and contextualize how it influences the research
Previous Projects: briefly describe and provide documentation of one or two projects that relate—either directly or in spirit—to the direction of your PhD proposal
Writing Sample: provide a sample of writing that is relevant to your project (no more than 1500 words—excerpt if necessary)
Project Title:
Short Descriptive Summary: (max 150 words)
Research Questions: (up to 3) what is the focus of the proposed work?
Project Description: including relevant historical and theoretical contexts (max. 600 words) 
Transart Research Interests: review Transart's research interests here
Methodology: How will you approach your research? (eg: poetic, documentary, performative interventions, creative writing and many-media experimentations will be strategically used to form evidential arguments and dialogues aiming to lead the research towards the emergence of new knowledgeup to 500 words)
Sources and Bibliography: source list of artists, artworks and texts
Advisors: please list three advisors you are interested in working with (review Transart PhD advisor bios here)



You can commence your application here