Artist talk with John Newling

10 August, 18:30 - 19:30

Transart Institute is pleased to announce that John Newling, a pioneer of public art with a social purpose, will be giving an artist’s talk open to the public during the Summer Residency on the evening of August 10th in Berlin. 

Newling’s work has evolved from Conceptual Art, Land Art and Arte Povera - all movements that placed emphasis on the concept, process and site of the work, alongside material and aesthetic properties. His works explore the natural world and the social and economic systems of society – such as money or religion. To this end Newling has innovated the possibilities and benefits for art in a renewed social and conceptual framework. There is news of John’s wonderful current projects—including a new type font Nyman’s; A Language from the Garden here.


Photos: © 2017 John Newling.