Attendance Requirements

Your agreement with Transart clearly states that each of you are responsible for your own education, respecting everyone’s time and communicating clearly and promptly anything important to your education. It is a significant goal. The partnership signifies your responsibility for your own program. Please consult the Calendar and mark all important dates on your own calendar—with the exception of those dates in bold there will be no reminders sent.

Attendance Requirements
Outlined below are the minimum requirements for attendance and participation in Transart Residencies:
1. Everything is required unless marked OPT
2. Anything marked OPT is required once you sign up
3. If you miss more than one hour of a workshop without the form and relevant documentation you will be dropped
4. No switching between courses, no negotiating with faculty about this
5. Incomplete Reading Diaries by July 15 will result in automatic de-registration from the course

1. You are required to attend all residencies unless you have proposed an alternative residency by the deadline
   MFA: 3 x summer; 2 x winter
   PhD: 4 x summer; 3 x winter
2. MPhil/PhD students are required to attend all PU training sessions
3. PhD students may attend their final residency after a completion year to give their final presentation
4. Attendance at an additional residency falls under the Academy, tuition applies

Residency Workshops and Events—MFA
Workshops during residency are mandatory for all MFA students—they make up the taught component of your programme. In preparation for each workshop you must complete the required reading/s and upload a Reading Diary by July 15. Failure to complete readings/diaries will result in your de-registration from the workshop/s. There can be no exceptions.
MFA students must complete seven workshops over the course of their three summer residencies. 

Residency Workshops and Events—PhD
Workshops that are open to all (that is non-PhD specific) are optional however once you sign up this is a commitment on your part to fully participate. This includes completing the required reading/s and uploading Reading Diaries by July 15 for each workshop you have committed to. Failure to complete readings/diaries will result in de-registration from the workshop/s without exception.