Transart Institute
Admissions contact email
USA: +1 (347) 410 9905
Skype ID: transartinstitute
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Transart Staff
Accounting: Jamie Avins email
Admissions: Susie Quillinan, MFA email
Director: Cella, MFA email 
Programmes Coordinator: Andrew Cooks, PhD email
Residency Support: Aurora del Rio, MFA email
Webmaster: Taylore Wilson, MA  email

Transart Academic Advisory Board
Sarah Bennett, PhD
Lynn Book, MFA
Jean Marie Casbarian, MFA
Michael Bowdidge, PhD
Laura Gonzalez, PhD
Elena Marcevska, PhD
Wolfgang Suetzl, PhD

Cella, MFA
Klaus P. Knoll, PhD (1956-2014)

ELSE Journal
Editor in chief: Cella
Managing Editor: Herman B. Mendolicchio
Production Design: Jeanne Criscola
Else Advisors: Geoff Cox + Laura Gonzalez

University of Plymouth
School of Art & Media
Plymouth, Devon, UK PL4 8A
UK: +44 (0) 1752 600600

Current Hosting Institutions
SOMA, Mexico City

Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (EFA), New York

Uferstudios, Berlin

Aleks Slota

Rebecca Salvadori

Transart non-profits initiatives:
– Transart Triennale
– NEST (New Experiments for Sharing Terrain)
– ELSE Art + Culture Journal
– Scholarships
– Public programming

Transart Europe Non-Profit (EU) 115/2015
ELSE Foundation (US) 
Friends of Transart Non-Profit (US) 87-0739960