Summer Curator Critiques

The curator is the moderator of the critique. Students are expected to fully engage and give feedback to each others work during the session.

Each student each receives 30 minutes for his/her critique. S/he should come fully prepared to show his/her work to the group with whatever equipment or written text required to understand the work. Students should take turns being the timekeeper and being the notetaker, so that whoever is being critiqued can fully concentrate on listening and responding.
Each student should choose what type of critique they would like: cold read or accompanied introduction of the work.

Cold Read: A full cold read, meaning for this to work effectively, the work should be polished and completely finished and the student who is showing his/her work cannot respond until the very end, getting a lot of critical and helpful feedback from the curator and the other students. But they should be aware of this – and prepare accordingly. For example, if there is a title or text that goes with the piece, s/he should prepare it be seen together with the piece. It would be as though it is in a space or gallery and s/he is not available to explain it or his/her intentions.

Accompanied Introduction: This one is more common. The student introduces the complete or in progress work in the beginning and gives sufficient background info before anyone else talks. The student should have 1-2 specific important questions in mind that s/he is considering, which is helpful to stimulate discussion and understand intention, and increase productive critical feedback.