"Open access Vs. Documentation ¬ in practice-led research." workshop with Merete Røstad


Open access Vs. Documentation ¬ in practice-led research.

The primary goal of the workshop is to look at the potential of open access sources as research documentation.  The workshop will address different modes of documentation and the development of new forms of representation within artistic research today.


We will meet at a local Art institution *in Berlin where we will look at an archive/collection. The participants will be given tasks to carry out during the next hour.

If the weather allows it, we will have a potluck lunch at a park nearby. Everyone should bring a spread and bread to make a wonderful feast to share.

This is the time where we will discuss the findings in the tasks carried out earlier in the day. Share experiences and undertake a critical reflection on the topic of open access vs. the readings supplied for the workshop.

Suggested reading list TBA


Merete Røstad is a visual artist, curator, and lecturer whose projects examine publics, collective memory, remembrance, and archives. Frequently engaging with public space and communities, her process-based practice explores our everyday exchanges with the histories inscribed in our surroundings, and how we come to read the traces that are left behind. Each of her works is developed through an ongoing commitment to the inherent potential of spatial and temporal constructs to serve as catalysts for a deeper engagement with history, identity, and memory. Røstad lives and works in Oslo and Berlin. Her work is shown nationally and internationally in public space. Røstad has an MFA in Public Art and New Artistic Strategies from Bauhaus Universität, Weimar (Germany), BFA from Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (England). Chamber is part of Røstad's fellow project at Oslo’s National Academy of the Arts, where she is an Artistic Research Fellow at the Department of Arts and Crafts, examining time-based forms of remembrance as art projects in public spaces. Her latest commission Chamber can be experienced at the Munch Museum in Oslo Norway.