Extension Requests:

If you need an extension of any kind that does not require Plymouth University Extenuating Circumstances please use the form below.

  • no extensions or missed classes are possible without approval
  • Transart faculty board will review and approve, deny or request further information for extensions during the semester only

PU Extenuating Circumstances

For policy and procedure details use this link: https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/uploads/production/document/path/7/7741 Extenuating_Circumstances_Policy_and_Procedures_.pdf 
If you need to apply for PU Extenuating Circumstances please review and discuss with your advisors.


With more than two missed assignments a leave of absence may be recommended. If however the absence is after the published date of interruption a student will be deemed to have had an attempt at the relevant module. After this, according to PU regulation, all assignments must be successfully completed by the end of the semester in order to receive credit. Three one year leaves may be taken in total. Note: Degree must be completed in maximum 5 years in total, including any leave of absence.

Request for leave of absence
The deadline for a leave of absence is the mid-point of each semester (see Calendar for dates). To submit a formal request for an interruption of studies complete the form here.