Residency Commitment

As low-residency graduate programmes, Transart wants all MFA and PhD students to be totally committed to each Transart residency—four plus weeks each year.  These intensives are conceived to allow students the rare opportunity of concentrated time to be totally immersed in their individual practice together with Transart peers. It is vitally important that students (and faculty) protect these precious weeks each year to focus on practice-related things—this can become problematic when family and/or friends are present (even for part of the time) as it is difficult to fully participate with the distractions and/or responsibilities of family or social commitments. We foster this intensive environment as the catalyst to create and nurture possibilities for fundamental change which lie at the heart of the Transart experience.

Family and friends are invited to Transart events that are open to the public only (as stated on the Berlin Programme page), otherwise they are for the Transart residency community. We encourage students and faculty to only invite family and friends to the last day of residency events and to plan any family and friend activities post-residency. 


Summer Residencies

Everyone registered for classes is enrolled in the Summer Residency 2017 listserv which is open for the duration of the summer - Please bear in mind this list reaches everyone attending. If you want to communicate with individual students and faculty please use their emails listed under Directory in the Members section of the website. The Summer Listserve is a good place to share cultural events, initiate or share student-lead activities, find students to travel on the weekends with or share accommodations.

1. Your own computer (laptop, tablet etc) for use in your workshop—there is one Transart
computer and this will be used for all full-group presentations (faculty and student).
2. Any adaptor/s your computer requires to connect to projector.
3. A USB thumbdrive with your 10 minute faulty presentation loaded (+ one back up drive).
4. Any other tools, devices, converters, chargers, etc. you will need to run your workshop.

Readings and diary
Your prescribed readings are required for admittance to courses. They must be complete for each
course and posted as a reading diary to each student’s Transart Process Blog by July 15. Student
blogs are accessible via the Student Directory available here (pw: ti18).

Attendance Requirements
The weekly workshops make up the taught components of the program and as such are
mandatory for academic progression and course credit. If a student misses a day (equivalent to
33% of the course) the student will be dropped from the course. In this case the student must
propose a make up assignment to be approved by you and completed by end residency. Please
announce this at the beginning of your workshop and let us know asap if this occurs. 

Each workshop has been organized in advance and there is no switching between courses—once a student signs up for a workshop it is a commitment to attend that course. Please do not make separate plans with any student who asks if they can switch from one class to another. 

Student Behavior and Performance
If any student is not participating at graduate level, behaves in inappropriate ways or dominates
your workshop and you feel uncomfortable/unable to deal with this please let Andrew or Cella
know asap.

Workshop Evaluations
During the afternoon of the last day of your workshop please set aside ten minutes for students to
complete the online Summer Course Evaluation Form which is linked in the Berlin Program on the
last day of each the three sessions, and available here. You should leave the room during this

Faculty Presentations
On the first day of of the weekly sessions faculty leading that session’s workshops will make ten
minute presentations of their own work. To complement and reinforce Transart’s ethos of work-in-progress
please address your presentation to work in-the-making rather than a summary of recent
finished work/s or accomplishment/s beyond referencing it for context.

There is a faculty tech-check on the first day of each week’s workshops in preparation of the
Faculty Presentations that morning—see the Berlin Program page of the website for details.

Student Advisor Meetings
Any meetings you might have with potential student advisees should only take place on days you
are not teaching. We recommend these meetings take place off the Ufer campus in the café of
your agreed choice. If need be we can provide information of cafés that have active WiFi.


To invoice Transart for advisement and workshops use the link here.


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