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what ELSE can we do?


We’re in the world and its chaos: 

we can change the way we think about things
we can imagine
we can find new ways of doing and being
we can see other perspectives
we can consider
we can think and make and discuss critically
we can question
we can fail and fail better
we can privilege ideas
we can dream
we can succeed

Art is subversive because it changes what and how we think and act; because doing what you want and what’s important to you is resistance; because showing up is the best we can do.

Get unschooled—join Transart.

After an exciting, busy and action-packed summer in Berlin its fall again and as we look toward winter Ti continues its change-infused journey.

Initiated by Cella—as a series of seed packets that might hopefully germinate—The Imperceptible Self was the leitmotif of the 2nd Transart Triennale since blossoming into our current three year research theme. Building on the the vibrant programs presented in New York and Berlin The Imperceptible Self continues to flower and the next weeks will bloom with these events

We are especially excited about participating in the Alternative Art School Fair at Pioneer Works on November 19-20 in Brooklyn including How is alternative education important to art practice? a presentation and panel discussion with Transart faculty, student and alumnus. 

ELSE 2 will be launched at the close of Winter Residency together with a new series of readings on The Imperceptible Self curated by guest editor Caroline Koebel at Powerhouse Arena in Brooklyn on Saturday January 14.

Finally, do you know someone who needs Transart? Someone who qualifies for Advanced Standing? Or interested in the unique low-residency Studio PhD? Suggest they join us at Pioneer Works or meet us at Open House January 10-12 during Winter Residency at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts in New York City to discuss the Transart MFA, PhD or Summer Academy. Or feel free to pass on our contact info below. And Open Tables begin this month!

All our best, 

Jean Marie, Andrew and Cella
+1 (347) 410 9905

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Photos: Aleks Slota 2016

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