Applications are reviewed for Transart Scholarship consideration at the time of submission. Scholarships are awarded as available. The deadline for admission with scholarship consideration for a 2017 start date is April 15. 

All awards available up to $2000 ($1000 per year). Scholarships are awarded by the admissions committee based on your application, there is no need to apply. You may submit a request to receive an award for the year to follow by April 15th to Your request will be reviewed by the admissions committee. 

"What ELSE Can We Do?"  Scholarship 2017
Transart offers a new scholarship for a work or body of work that creates and initiates international positive social change. Open to artists, writers or curators with documentation of at least one project outlining and explicating what and how this project/s made a difference; how it celebrates what ELSE artists can do. The scholarship is in support of a new project and what it seeks to achieve.

“Imperceptible Self” Scholarship for artists and curators working in Social Practices 2017
In connection with the three year Transart Triennale research projects, two scholarships for candidates with a demonstrated history of working with Socially Engaged Practices and whose project proposal for the MFA program would follow this trajectory. Proposed projects will resonate with Transart research areas: Identity; Exile; Role of Art in Peace and Mediation; Space In Between; International Diaspora, Post-Nationalism and Post-Colonialism; Home; Temporary Architecture; Cultural Engagement through Food; Foreignness, Otherness and the Uncanny; or Publicness, Collaboration and the Social and the current triennale research theme, The Imperceptible Self.

Klaus Knoll Writing Scholarship 2017
In honor of Transart co-founder and exceptional writer Klaus Knoll, Transart is offering one scholarship each for an incoming MFA students who work predominantly with creative writing or for whom writing forms an integral part of their creative practice.

Merit Awards 2017
“Transart Merit Awards” are given for MFA and PhD work to applicants whose practice and proposed projects are of the highest level of artistic achievement. Award is not limited to any media, theme or specific field. Transart Merit Awards are available to incoming MFA and PhD students. 

Peace and Social Justice Award 2017
Scholarships for a candidate with a demonstrated history of working with in the areas of peace, mediation and social justice, whose project proposal for the MFA program will continue in one of these areas.

Assistantship Awards 2017
Assistantship awards will be offered based on your application, interest and CV. 


Individual funding support
Once you have applied to a program you are eligible for a minimum of four hours of one to one funding consultations that will support you in your search for external educational financial support. Simply explain what kind of support you are looking for i.e. scholarship, project support, etc. and either indicate your preferred consultant or leave it to us to determine who can best support your efforts. 

International funding consultants:
To request to work with a funding consultant, fill in a request form here: Consultant Request Form

Funding letters of support
As soon as you are accepted you may request funding support letters from the institute for all your applications. We encourage you to apply a year in advance to increase your funding opportunities. 

Part time studies
Take breaks in your studies on a semester by semester basis as needed in the MFA (enrollment up to five years in total) and with the PhD (interrupt for up to 12 months at a time, 24 months in total).

Extended payment plan
Accepted applicants needing more time to search for funding can request to attend the summer residency and apply the summer tuition towards the MFA or PhD whatever semester they are ready to continue. You will not have advisors or crit groups until you return but the summer input will allow you to move ahead independently on your proposals and projects, giving you a head start when you return. 

Payment extensions
For delays with funding checks from other institutions you may provide documentation of upcoming award or loan so you don’t need to delay your studies. Simply request a link to the request form once you’ve been accepted. 


Plymouth University is certified by the US Department of Education as a foreign school. Students in masters and doctoral programs are now able to apply for The Smart Option Student Loan®, a private student loan, through Sallie Mae International. 

Use school code: 02352100. Important: Enter May 1 as semester start date on application. Allow enough time to complete the entire process. Students receive loan proceeds and then pay tuition to Transart by posted deadlines.  All other matters related to the application is strictly between the applicant and Sallie Mae. FAFSA and other Title-IV loans are not an option for this UK accredited program. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out loan and grant funding as soon as possible as seeking financial assistance can often be a lengthy process.

Transart Institute has no access to information about Sallie Mae Loans. Please contact them directly with questions.



The Federal and Provincial Governments offer financial aid to Canadians studying at Plymouth University. We are a public institution with code PVBZ (although some provinces/territories may use a different code). Canadian loans are means-tested, meaning you must demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for financial aid. Generally, students interested in applying for a loan must do so through their provincial/territorial student assistance office or website. When you apply for a loan, you are considered for funding by both the Provincial and Federal Government, meaning you only have to apply once for funding for the year. While federal loans are handled through a lender called the National Student Loans Service Centre, provincial loans are handled through the provincial governments and student aid branches. Please visit the Campus Access website for a comprehensive overview of the financial aid application process. Your provincial Student Finance Department and not the University will process most of your loans. However, you may require University signatures or verification of your student status. The University must also confirm that you have been accepted onto a course or are already enrolled with us before any financial aid will be disbursed to you. Here is more information on financial aid and Canadian Federal Student Loans:

OPPORTUNITIES (for Lebanese students) (for Mexican students)