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Invoices and statements:
Registrar MFA: 
Registrar PhD:

Missed tuition deadlines without an extension request form will automatically result in de-registration by PU.
Tuition Extension Request Form:
If your request is denied, or you can’t meet the extended deadline you will need to interrupt your studies for one year. It is not possible to sign up or attend courses without paying your full tuition first. 

December 15: Winter/spring
May 15: Summer/fall
July 1: New MFA PHD (accepted 6/1)
July 15: Certificate students (accepted 7/1)
Note: Deposits are due within 4 weeks of acceptance (2 weeks for scholarships)  


Can I deduct my tuition on a US T-1098 form?
Neither Transart nor PU can complete these forms. There are other ways to declare tuition for deductions, please speak with your accountant to learn more. 

Can Transart sign a Loan Deferment Form for me? 
Loan Deferment Forms can be processed once you are a fully enrolled student in the program and according to the requirements of the lender. Loan Deferment Forms are signed by the Programme Administration Manager at Plymouth University. If you have a form you need signed please ensure all the information is correct and send a high-quality scan to appropriate PU registrar (above).

Does Transart fulfill criteria that allow US students to remove funds without penalties from their IRA accounts for educational issues?
Transart cannot offer tax advice, please consult your accountant. Transart is accredited by Plymouth University in the UK, which in turn is recognized as a foreign school by the DoE. The Plymouth DoE code is 02352100. Refer to: and please consult with a tax advisor.

For Sallie Mae Loans who do I contact for status inquiries and other questions?
Please contact Sallie Mae, Transart does not have access to information about student loans. 


Plymouth University is certified by the US Department of Education as a foreign school. Students in masters and doctoral programs are now able to apply for The Smart Option Student Loan®, a private student loan, through Sallie Mae International. Students can choose one of many loan terms and Transart suggests students prepay part or all of their tuition, refundable if the student does not continue. Interest on prepaid tuition will be deducted from the tuition at an annual rate of 2.9%. Use school code: 02352100. Enter May 1 as semester start date on application. Allow enough time to complete the entire process. Current procedures require Plymouth University to certify the loan amount, obtain loan proceeds from Sallie Mae and transfer the funds to each student. Students pay tuition to Transart by posted deadlines. All other matters related to the application is strictly between the applicant and Sallie Mae. FAFSA and other Title-IV loans are not an option for this UK accredited program. Students are strongly encouraged to seek out loan and grant funding as soon as possible as seeking financial assistance can often be a lengthy process.



The Federal and Provincial Governments offer financial aid to Canadians studying at Plymouth University. We are a public institution with code PVBZ (although some provinces/territories may use a different code). Canadian loans are means-tested, meaning you must demonstrate financial need in order to qualify for financial aid.Generally, students interested in applying for a loan must do so through their provincial/territorial student assistance office or website. When you apply for a loan, you are considered for funding by both the Provincial and Federal Government, meaning you only have to apply once for funding for the year. While federal loans are handled through a lender called the National Student Loans Service Centre, provincial loans are handled through the provincial governments and student aid branches. Please visit the Campus Access website for a comprehensive overview of the financial aid application process. Your provincial Student Finance Department and not the University will process most of your loans. However, you may require University signatures or verification of your student status. The University must also confirm that you have been accepted onto a course or are already enrolled with us before any financial aid will be disbursed to you. Here is more information on financial aid and Canadian Federal Student Loans.


Transart is building a pool of international fundraisers, grant writers and funding resource specialists for a new pilot program. The Transart Consultancy Program will offer a minimum of four hours funding consultation to each Transartist (student, alumni and faculty) who applies with a project that needs funding.

Accepted applicants in need of additional tuition funding support can also access the program for 2 hours of consultancy before enrollment and 2 more available after enrollment. Projects deemed promising by consultants will continue to be supported by the institute.

Please review profiles of funding consultants through Else Foundation here: 

To request to work with a funding consultant, fill in a request form here: Consultant Request Form

All financial, tuition and loan questions should be directed to