TEACHING Orientation

Teaching at Transart Institute is a rewarding and inspiring activity. At MFA level there are opportunities for teaching intensive summer residency workshops and also for acting as Creative or Research Advisors for individual students, while there are also occasionally openings for suitably qualified staff to supervise at MPhil/PhD level. We value openness, academic and creative rigor and integrity in our teaching staff, and in return can offer the opportunity to teach in a flexible and stimulating environment. We attract students from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures, all of whom contribute to a uniquely diverse and exciting learning community. We welcome applications and enquiries from potential faculty and/or advisors from an equally broad range of backgrounds.

Application for advising and summer teaching is here.
Summer course topic proposals can be sent here.


Transart Institute engages guest artists, writers, theorists, and curators to teach three day interdisciplinary creative workshops and cultural studies seminars, to give critiques and presentations in a low-residency MFA Program for short courses, between July and August in Europe. Workshops address development of artistic praxis rather than training in specific media and authoring tools, challenging students to think conceptually and work creatively in new ways through exercises and assignments. Seminars which are the cultural studies equivalent of the workshops help students to put their work in context and find ways to inform their art projects through research while also getting experience articulating these new ideas, ways of thinking and making connections through readings, discussions, exercises and assignments. Seminars are chosen from current topics in media studies, philosophy, theory and art history. Students respond to course assignments in a variety of media, working independently between classes. Sample course descriptions can be found here and past syllabi can be found here (note course formats will vary).

Artists, writers, art historians, researchers, theorists and curators in all genres and fields with higher academic degrees (or equivalent) and generally a minimum of three years graduate level teaching experience.

For guest faculty the honorarium is USD 500 per day (travel funds included in agreement).