MFA docs

Welcome to The MFA pages of Transart Institute where you will find all you need to navigate through your MFA processes. Since Transart is the un-school art school and we have no fixed geographic location you should think of our website as the school’s building, our campus—it is the hub for all information, updates, deadlines, processes and changes that will inform and impact on your studies.

On the left side of this page is a link to the Academic Calendar your go-to page for all deadlines and links to appropriate forms. At the bottom of the Calendar page is a key which describes the various abbreviations (for example 1RS is 1st Residency, an incoming MFA student). You will see that some deadlines are monthly—you must keep Transart Process Blogs up to date with your research processes and these regular posts are expected by the 15th of each month (see link to Blogs under MFA Year: 1 Pre-Residency).

You will receive reminders from Transart a  week or do prior to deadlines but we recommend that you proactively consult the calendar regularly, to better manage other commitments.  The calendar is designed to link the deadlines with all relevant guidelines and forms as you need them. You will find them listed at the bottom by year as well.

Scrolling down the page you’ll find the links to all the various aspects of the program that you will need over the course of your studies. For example 1/3 down the page are the links to MFA Modules + Assessment where you can read the details of each MFA course module and outcomes, assessment criteria and an explanation/outline of the Curriculum.

It’s important to take responsibility for your education, become familiar with this page and the various links—make time to click on each and read the information: it will guide you through each of the processes step by step.