The Transart Creative Practice MFA is available in three distinct learning streams:

Transart MFA 

The Transart MFA is a two year creative practice program. During the first year students work with an advisory team exploring aspects of their practice via self-directed project proposal, monthly process blogs and advanced research skills. At year’s end each student formulates a synthesis of their year’s work leading to an MFA creative thesis project proposal to be developed and completed—with their next advisory team—during the second year. 

Transart MFA—Independent Study

Outstanding students who have demonstrated strong independence in the first year of the program will be invited to undertake their second year in an enhanced independent study mode, developing their own production schedules in accordance with their advisors, continuing with their process blogs and meeting the final MFA Project deadline corresponding to the MFA program.

Transart MFA—MPhil

Particularly focussed students who have achieved an MFA level creative thesis project in the first year and aim to progress to the Transart MPhil/PhD program will be invited to develop—in negotiation with an advisory team—their MPhil/PhD proposal. Successful completion of this stream will culminate in the candidate’s Research Project Approval. The student then begins their creative practice research in earnest.