Module 504

Module Creative Practice (MCP) 504 “Synthesis” spring
Produce, through a synthesis of critical theory, practice and writing a proposal for the thesis. Critically analyse, contextualise and reflect on their individual and/or collaborative work. Employ a range of research methods and integrated critical and practical research skills. Engage critically with research and development strategies from disciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives. Present a coherent strategy for the further development of individual and/or collaborative practice in a written MFA Project Proposal.

Duration: spring semester
Content: connecting studio and research (synthesis paper) + proposal (studio project + thesis or process paper)
Input: group critiques, two studio advisor meetings, project planning
Assessment: after presentation at summer residency 2
Credits: 30BCR/15ECTS/7.5CR

Synthesis Proposal Example 

Length of Papers:

In total up to 10 pages (approx. 900 words for Part A and 900 words for Part B not including bibliography, footnotes, illustrations)
To submit more or less you must have permission from your faculty in advance.