Transart Faculty Geoff Cox edits 01.01CM: Collection of the Museum of Ordure


book of manifestos1.indd  

Book Launch

01.01.CM: Collection of the Museum of Ordure

01.01.CM presents over 100 covers of The Communist Manifesto, compiled by the Museum of Ordure from its collection. The book is turned inside out to draw attention to its material form and historical conditions: the covers have fascinating stories to tell of hopes and anticipated futures - for instance, in their use of particular imagery and in the signs of wear through human use –  and draw attention to the excesses of capitalist production. This notion of excess is fundamental to the overall project of the Museum of Ordure in its attention to the management of human waste and identification of ordure. What value do readers place upon the Manifesto in a situation where radical politics appears to have been reduced to commodity form, nostalgia or mere curiosity?

Book launch & performance
01.01.CM will be launched in Antipyrine Bookstore (Kunsthal Aarhus) wednesday the 19th of february 17:00–18:00. The launch will include a sound performance by the Curator and Acting Director of the Museum of Ordure, R Y Sirb.
01.01.CM is published as part of the exhibition: Systemics#3: Against the idea of growth, towards poetry (or, how to build a universe that doesn't fall apart two days later), in Kunsthal Aarhus (16 jan. – 30 mar. 2014).
collection of the Museum of Ordure
Museum of Ordure
Antipyrine, 2014
printed by Specialtrykkeriet Viborg
bookbinding by Bogbinderiet Aarhus
supported by the Danish Arts Council
ISBN 978-87-93108-07-3
272 pages
240 kr (30€)


Transart Faculty Laura González contributes to Crux Desperationis 5



Crux Desperationis 5  International Journal of Conceptual Writing January 2014, Montevideo 2014 [PDF 3.7MB]

Director and editor Riccardo Boglione Editorial staff RB, Georgina Torello Journal header Paolo Argeri Journal design Massimo Alacca All images are taken from Dr. Albert de Schrenck-Notzig, Los fenómenos de la mediumnidad, Barcelona, 1928.

Conceptual writers: Fabiana Faleiros Nyein Way Stefania Tavella Michalis Pichler Kim Rosenfield Vanessa Place Laura González Felipe Cussen Sharon Kivland Madeleine Walton Helen Frank Steve Giasson Robert Fitterman Carlos Soto-Román Swantje Lichtenstein Karen David Divya Victor

Previous editions here.

Transart Faculty Laura González performs in Glory

Choreographed and co-directed by Janice Parker
Designed and co-directed by Richard Layzell
Music composed by Michael John McCarthy
Lighting designed by Pete Ayres


Scroll down for audience reactions to Glory
Glory sees the welcome return of the award-winning creative duo, Janice Parker and Richard Layzell. Men, women and children of all ages and abilities and from all walks of life, will collaborate to create a large-scale immersive dance event that celebrates the city’s rich Commonwealth community and Glasgow 2014.
Glory questions who and what is considered elite, drawing on the rigour and discipline of athletes as well as the individuality and creativity of each performer.
Inspired by the Athletes Village, Layzell’s design reveals glimpses into the rituals of performance. Immersing you in the beauty and power of human dedication and movement in all its glorious diversity.
Glory is a celebration of who can dance and of what dance can be.
Click here for an interview with Janice Parker and Glory cast members


Please note there will be a post show discussion on Fri 7 March and a pre show discussion with Richard Layzell on Mon 10 March 5pm

Faculty Laura González to perform with Eleanor Bowen during Acts Re-Acts Festival



Laura González will be performing with her collaborator Eleanor Bowen in a piece called 'Reading hysteria between laughter and crying',  as part of the Acts Re-Acts festival, Wimbledon Space, London, 19 March 2014 .

25 February – 26 March 2014

ACTS RE-ACTS is a festival of performance including residencies, artist talks, seminars, films and installations from across theatre and fine art and the dangerous border zone between.

Participants include:

Eleanor Bowen & Laura Gonzalez, Stella Capes, Edward Dimsdale, Katie Elliott, Rossella Emanuele, Richard Layzell, Douglas O’Connell, Camilla Palestra & Hanae Utamura, Geraldine Pilgrim, Annette Robinson & Belinda Wild, Trish Scott, Michael Spencer, Tansy Spinks & Iris Garrelfs, Mette Sterre, Jennet Thomas & Paul Tarrago, Charlotte Turton.


Date: Thursday 27 February

Time 5 – 8pm

Venue: Wimbledon Space and Theatre


ACTS RE-ACTS opens with performances by Geraldine Pilgrim and Douglas O’Connell.

O’Connell, in collaboration with Huang Dongjie and Wang Ruoyo, presents NY3 a video mapping/performance/installation in the gallery space, inspired by Paul Auster’s ‘New York Trilogy’.

In the Theatre, Pilgrim presents HANDBAG, a celebratory gem of a performance with great music, dancing and handbags.

Performances and other activities will take place on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, 2 – 5pm throughout the festival.

For more informatio,

Transart Alumnus Eto Otitigbe commissioned by Lab for Action Mechanics

Eto  and collaborator Sarah Donnelly received support to develop and stage a performance this summer. 
2013-2014 Awardees: Sarah Donnelly and Eto Otitigbe Eric Eliacin Viktor Franyo Yara Travieso Françoise VorangerFinal Showing: 7PM Friday June 27, 2014 Free Admission GO!, STREB's Commissioning Program, housed at the company’s Williamsburg home, SLAM, accepts proposals from artists whose work is movement-based, including choreographers, aerialists and circus artists.The goal of the program is to create a pool of artists who can capitalize on the resources distinct to SLAM so that, either literally or conceptually, the space’s special and unusual characteristics and qualities inform and inspire new and exciting creative experiments.GO! artists have various opportunities to showcase work throughout its development and receive feedback from both STREB and audiences.

Eight New Awards for Artists Entering the Transart MFA

Transart student Jamie McMurry

The Transart Earth Awareness Prize The Transart Social Change Award The Transart Peace and Mediation Prize Transart Merit Awards

We are excited to announce eight new scholarships on the Transart MFA Creative Practice. These scholarships are designed to enable artists with specific projects and concerns to join the Transart MFA.

Application Deadline: April 15 Program Start: July 25 in Berlin 

Each of the eight awards (two per category) grants a quarter of tuition costs on the MFA Creative Practice to artists with MFA projects that raise awarenes or deal with pressing issues in the specific field. Detailed information here.


Artists who wish to be considered for any of the award need to apply to the MFA Creative Practice by April 15th. Award winners in each category are chosen by an independent jury no later than May 5th.

About Transart and the Low-Residency MFA in Berlin and Brooklyn

Transart offers a unique low-residency experience in two of the most exciting creative cities in the world, Berlin and New York. Joining this program means becoming part of a network of faculty, students, and alumni who are distinctively collaborative, creative, and successful.

We will consider applications from students without a first degree who can show evidence of relevant professional experience. Students who have previous graduate-level coursework can apply credits towards advanced standing. Students who are interested in earning a practice-based PhD can apply for the fast-track after one-year on the MFA program.

Berlin 2014 Summer Program

A program overview of courses in Berlin this summer is here. The full program will be published in the News from Planet Transart to which you can subscribe here.


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