On Belonging In Between

By Sanja Hurem & Stephanie Reid

On Belonging In Between
Digital media artists Stephanie Reid and Sanja Hurem present work touching on themes of home, liminality, and wandering through the lenses of gentrification, otherness, and nomadism. Reid’s project, Acts of Disappearing as Methods for Reappearing, explores the history, nature, and peoples of her home, Austin, Texas as a focal point for collaborative inclusiveness. Hurem’s project Nothing is Imagined, uses fragments of past and present journeys to build a diary of relationships to understand herself through.

In both exhibitions, stories of place are built through poetic scenes and soundscapes where drifters and dancers enfold themselves into their environments imploring the viewers to also weave themselves into the unfamiliar human and non-human forces they encounter. In these works, not only are individual identities blurred, but past, present, and future bleed together, creating a lusciously disorienting state of mind raising questions of how memory and context effect our sense of belonging and self.


SANJA HUREM was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Her educational background includes a BSc in Political Science from Northwestern University, post-graduate studies at the International Center of Photography as well as MFA studies at Plymouth University & Transart Institute (UK/Germany).

Hurem’s work includes photography, video and installation. Themes she frequently deals with include liminality, wandering and the dream space.


STEPHANIE REID is a long time photographer, animator, film maker, and sound artist. Her work often takes the form of assemblage with her relationship with nature being a common topic. Her last solo show was a large body of photo montage images taken during a three year stay in Asia. These were mounted as hanging scrolls and shown at the Jung Center of Houston. As an MFA candidate with the Transart Institute, she created a short film entitled Creatures in the Sun, which is currently showing at the Back to Athens international art festival in conjunction with the Berlin Soup collective. The film features a poem of healing and transformation written by Reid and is loosely illustrated by a series of documented rituals in fire and flight performed as she meditated on her totem animal, the phoenix. Her most recent video installation and sound work, Acts of Disappearing as Methods of Reappearing, sculpts music, dance, and landscapes of her home, Austin, Texas, USA into a seamless whole.