By Analia Sirabonian, Andrea Spaziani & Abi Tariq

Superficie habitáculo;
meeting place.
Cornering you.

La piel del intercambio
In between Skin 1 and 2
In distracted times of overproduction
(I’m distracted by overproduction)

I want to talk about it but there are no sticky bits
nothing that references the word bank
or is reminiscent of that tasty threshold
Something keeps slipping out from under the font: the word’s designed skin
makes a space for new inhabitants.
Inhabiting you.
Lenguaje is SPATIAL.
Confronting my inadequacies is like spiritual crack,
dressed in fur

Knowing what it feels like to lose. Sensation(al).

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, currently based in Paris, France,ABI TARIQ stands his current conceptual performance practice on the foundations of the overlap between mysticism and the absurd. He uses the term ‘organic telepathy’ to describe an understoodness nurtured over time through intimacy.

A note on Telepathy:
For Abi there are two reasons to create work about fake telepathy:
i. to acknowledge real telepathy as cosmic / electric, but to overuse the word in order bring it down from some esoteric space to everyday use
ii. to exhaust all the possibilities of fake telepathy in order to arrive at embodied glimpses of real telepathy embedded within the life practice.

My perpetual displacement makes it imperative for me to create site / culture and CONTEXT SPECIFIC work, and not be limited to any particular medium.


ANALIA SIRABONIAN is an Argentinean Artist who incorporates photography, digital manipulation, animation and video to her artworks. In 2011 She graduated from the Fashion Design Course at the University of Buenos Aires where she did conferences related to photography and art direction. From 2012 to today she exhibits in many different cities and galleries such us, Emilio Caraffa Museum, Museum of Architecture and Design (MARQ), Centro Cultural Recoleta, Somos Art House (Berlin), The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts (New York), International Center of Photography (ICP, New York), among others. Also in 2012 she Founded Elephanto Studio where she actually works as a fashion director and photographer (Elle Magazine). Analía is now an MFA candidate in Transart institute, Plymouth University.–


ANDREA SPAZIANI is a Canadian choreographer, performer, and MFA candidate at the Transart Institute/Plymouth University. She’s interested in writing technologies, and the work of perception.
Recent works have been presented at the Judson Gym (NYC), Flowchart (Toronto), and her trio Rafters at The Citadel (Toronto) for Audio Guides, produced by Project Humanity. She is currently collaborating with Alicia Grant on the experimental dance documentary ‘Aggro Infinitum’, and performance work ‘Chronic Need’.
As a performer she has worked with notable artists such as Heidi Strauss, D.A. Hoskins, and Mårten Spångberg. Upcoming: ‘The Cage is a Stage’ by Emily Mast (Los Angeles) at the Blackwood Gallery in Mississauga.
She is curating SPACEBODIES II for the Transart Triennale at Uferstudios in Berlin (GE), and is attending the HEIMA artist residency in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland this Fall.
She is the 2016-2019 Artist in Residence at Toronto’s Dancemakers Centre for Creation.
Recent publications include ‘Exiting, Re-Existing’, and ‘Unbecoming Ego’.