PhD Advisor Responsibilities


PhD Advisors will:

  • give rigorous critique, academic support and advisement to candidate according to the calendar
  • share knowledge, experience in the area of the candidate’s research and intention(s)
  • advise on methodologies, investigative and analytical techniques
  • introduce candidate to exhibitions, publications, professional bodies, contacts and sources in the related field(s)
  • involve candidate in the activities of a research group, exhibition/dissemination opportunities, workshops and conferences
  • participate in two candidate presentations and full advisory meetings each residency (one may participate by Skype)
  • during milestone presentations (Project Approval, Confirmation of Route) one member of each advisory team must be present and the other will take part via Skype
  • ensure candidate is aware of how to protect intellectual property


Director of Studies (DoS) will:

  • provide leadership of the advisory team and support candidate on a regular basis
  • be pro-active regarding the Academic Calendar
  • review candidate’s blog monthly and send student to the extension form if they haven’t posted.
  • report progress to the Transart Programs Coordinator and PU Doctoral Administrator
  • maintain regular contact and coordinate meetings with other advisor(s)
  • support final Transart public presentation and dissemination of practice
  • propose external readers as required, in consultation with Transart Programs Coordinator
  • attach to teaching agreement an advisor partnership agreement confirming distribution of duties between all advisors.

Second Advisor will:

  • provide leadership and support regarding PU regulations and protocols
  • assist candidate in PU self-assessment
  • verify completion of PU annual monitoring reports (by student and advisory)
  • identify appropriate PU final assessment team (in consultation with DoS and Transart Programs Coordinator)
  • organize PU viva voce examination.