PhD Docs

Welcome to the PhD pages of Transart Institute where you will find information to navigate through your MPhil/PhD processes. Since Transart is the un-school art school and we have no fixed geographic location you should think of our website as the school’s building, our campus—it is the hub for information regarding guides and candidate information, your process blogs, terms and acronyms, milestones with relevant examples and a resource of contact information for your peers.

On the left side of this page is a link to the Academic Calendar your go-to page for all Transart related deadlines and links to appropriate forms (at the bottom of the Calendar page is a key which describes the various abbreviations). You will see that some deadlines are monthly—we ask that you keep Transart Process Blogs up to date with your research processes and these regular posts are expected by the 15th of each month during the academic year at a minimum. Please make time to clink on each of the links and discuss the information with your advisory team, and if necessary with the Transart PhD Coordinator.

Proposals, reports, examples

Summer 1: MPhil entry proposal > example 1 > example 2 > blog
Winter 1: PhD proposal > example > blog > form
Winter 1: PhD proposal reader report > example > form
Winter 2: Confirmation of Route > example > blog
Winter 2: Confirmation of Route reader report> example > form
Fall 3: Public presentation/dissemination proposal > blog
Summer 4: Thesis/presentation reviewer reports > example > form
Summer 4: Thesis/documentation > example > blog