PhD Terms and Acronyms

Creative Practice   what you do—combination of what you make and what you read and write
RDC   Research Degree Candidate
RDC 1   Research Project Approval—your research proposal approval process
RDC 1A   Request for Change to Registration (suspension of studies)
RDC 1B   Change of Advisor Form
RDC 2   Confirmation of Route—transfer from MPhil to PhD
RDC 3   Research Degree Assessment Arrangements
RDC 3S   Submit thesis form
RDC 4   Assessment result form
DoS   Director of Studies—main research advisor and a member of Transart faculty
Viva Voce   Your final research submission (practice and thesis) is assessed and shared through a viva voce (with the living voice).
Completion Year   optional fourth year to complete/finalize research prior to Viva Voce