"Polyplot" workshop with Lynn Book


In this 3-day workshop we will conduct an investigation of bodies in migration, interaction, challenge and exchange modes with a focus on sounding, singing, speaking, listening and proposal.  In the studio we’ll co-create focused experiments around the threshold nature of the voicing body, then enlarge our inquiry into the polyglot status of the nomadic subject* as we engage the cityscape.  Attention will be directed to the polysemic qualities of ‘plot’ as a fluid organizing principle for critically engaging mapping, meaning and methodology.



Lynn Book is a transmedia artist working across disciplines and cultural spheres through extended body, material practices and technologies to make performance, exhibition, online works and public projects.  Her work centers on the transformational potentials between people, practice and place.   Projects take shape in city sites and galleries, in clubs, fields, online and in concert halls with a range of collaborators including architects, a whole village and an opera company.  She has been awarded grants for her critically acclaimed work from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York Foundation for the Arts, Franklin Furnace Fund, Illinois Arts Council, a project residency funded by MacArthur Foundation, among others. Her recent project is UnReading for Future Bodies, a video work comprised of 3 volumes that takes on performative knowledge making in the digisphere.  Volume 1, “Escapes”, is published online with Anglistica (University of Naples) and on Vimeo and has been screened in the US, UK, Australia, Berlin, Budapest and Naples.  Book 2, “Derangements” will be forthcoming in 2015, with a study being recently published the online journal ELSE, a journal of art, literature, theory and creative media. As a performer of what she calls ‘voicing bodies’ she also has an ongoing practice of experimental voice/new music improvisation and live composition.  Current duo projects include composer, extended pianist Katharina Klement, sound and media artist Shawn Decker. Lynn Book teaches broad spectrum creativity at Wake Forest University where she also serves as Associate Director for the Program in Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship in the US and serves as a faculty associate and graduate advisor with Transart since its inception.

Art and research topic interests
Long standing research includes: embodiment, otherness, social structures and states of public imagination.  Critical French feminisms, issues of exile, nomadism, critique of power, and language structures and linguistic invention have also deeply informed my work through the years. Current research interests include: reading, reception and knowledge-making as performative acts, epistemological relations between bodies, book objects, print and digital media. Themes involved in current work interrogates opera, Greek tragedy, media hybridity, performance, and what I call voicing bodies; deranged boundaries, ancient myths, concepts of hybridity in science and culture, bodies as super-organisms and the human microbiome.

nomad, migration, voice, scores, bodies, subjectivities, polyglot, becoming, collectivities

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