"Praxis Enrichment Refresher: Thesis Project" workshop with Andrew Cooks


This refresher workshop will re-visit and expand on the ideas and methods we discussed in the Praxis Enrichment workshop last summer in preparation for MCP 505—Project Report or Project Thesis. This module showcases your critical thinking and writing, together with skills in the contextualisation your own practice within your community and broader histories and theories (module details available at: Report vs Thesis).

The aim of the workshop is threefold:
• hone your skills and confidence (writing and delivery)
• determine thesis or report format

and importantly
• to energize you and your writing



Andrew Cooks was born in Sydney and is a painter. He has recently completed his PhD with Monash University in Melbourne. His research takes the pleasure garden as a model, together with pattern and decoration, and uses the concept of rambling – a walk for pleasure with neither route nor destination – to investigate his spatial experience. Andrew’s work has been exhibited in Australia, Asia, Europe and the United States, and he has been teaching in a variety of academic institutions and community settings in Australia and the United States since 1982. He currently teaches at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and at Dutchess Community College in upstate New York.

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