SYLLABUS - "Praxis Enrichment: Writing and Researching"

Praxis Enrichment

Andrew Cooks

The course considers the research and writing process for artists.

We will study the stages of research writing: reading, preparing for writing, collecting material, the writing process itself, editing, re-writing and citing sources. We will look at what makes writing engaging and exciting—both for the reader and the writer. Exercises and short assignments are designed to overcome anxiety and/or blockage in the face of academic blurb and bluff.


1. Refresh the written aspects of your studio practice.

2. De-mystify and ground the research process

3. Find effective working methods.

4. Vitalize your writing style.

5. Find pleasure in writing.

6. Discover how to use your writing to clarify your intentions in the studio.

7. Expand your resource horizon.

8. Contextualize and inform your new project and your practice in general.

9. Understand the difference between research informing your art and art as research.

10. Sample theorists.


Day One

Student expectations
Writing exercise
The power of the journal

Paper structure: what is investigated, why, from where?
Resource search: books, articles, online, art-work
Evaluating sources
Collecting material, annotating, paraphrasing, summarizing
Footnotes and endnotes, style guides, MLA
Assignment: summarize a paragraph/chapter of your choice from the reading list

Day Two

Reading and close reading
Discuss writing samples from Praxis Enrichment Reader
How to write a thesis question: induction/deduction
How to collect material, track quotes
Annotated bibliography sample

Organizing material
Writing process
Solidifying thought through writing

Day Three
Writing exercise 45 min.
Writing and re-writing
Revising and editing
Style and grammar

Required Reading
Praxis Enrichment Reader  pdf
Roland Barthes, From Work to Text  pdf

Materials students should bring to class
writing equipment, laptops as appropriate, your copies of required texts

writing, research, editing