Proposal - Year 1

Length of proposal: 3 pages (approx. 900 words).

01 – Title of project
02 – Name of student and any collaborators and their roles
03 – Suggested advisors for studio and for research element (first, second, third choices, if any). Explain your choices.
04 – Description of proposed project or body of work – practical element
05 – Description of research paper outline
06 – Project results, e.g. documentation, performance, script, intervention, website, exhibition, book, journal
07 – Brief description of research method
08 – Initial bibliography for written element
09 – Research question
10 – Intended audience
11 – Short statement on your current practice
12 – Formulate entire project in 2-3 meaningful sentences.

Advisor choices
You may make suggestions in your proposal either from the pool of advisors and faculty under “Transart People”. You may also propose someone new to the institute for either studio or research but not both. Send them a link to the teaching application form under “Teaching at Transart”.  You will be invited to have a meeting at the residency with two advisors (by skype if the advisor isn’t present).

Prior to the summer residency faculty will review proposals and based on your topics, suggestions, and faculty workload, advisors will be assigned. This is a group decision that involves the student, advisors and directors. You will have your advisor and committee meetings at the residency. You will work with your studio advisor for both semesters and your research advisor in the spring semester. Your proposal must be approved at the residency in order to receive credit.

Making the plan
You are required to answer all questions outlined above and submit your plan to your Transart Blog. You will get feedback on this draft during the first two weeks of the summer residency and then will repost a second version before the end of the residency. The work you arrive at in the end, must correspond with your plan. Project plans are an important part of how the program helps you develop a sustainable praxis. While work can be based on previous projects the inclusion of artistic work done prior to the program is not acceptable. Vague plans are a mistake. The project plan is your map. Make it detailed, accurate, clear, complete. If your plan was approved with changes, these changes need to make it into your revised plan as well.