"From Artist to Transartist" Professional development Panel + Forum with Jean Marie Casbarian


Join us for a gathering of conversation with invited guest artists and resident faculty as we discuss the ways in which these professional artists have navigated the art world to create a sustainable practice, career and creative life.  Coming from our personal stories and perspectives, we will attempt to break down the myth of the road map as it relates to the concept of success and dive into the deeper question of what it means to be an artist in an ever-evolving 21st Century.  We will address the choices that we have made along the way while maintaining a continued commitment to building an art practice. Finding and/or developing a creative community with ongoing dialogue, seeking out artist residencies to attend, academic teaching, or engaging oneself in community-based platforms and activism have all been vehicles in the shaping of these uniquely rich lives.

We'll conclude with an open forum for question and answers and further dialogue.

Moderated by JMCasbarian