REsidency commitment

As low-residency graduate programs, Transart wants all MFA and PhD students to be totally committed to each Transart residency—for three weeks in summer and one week in winter.  These intensives are conceived to allow you the good fortune and rare opportunity of time—to be totally immersed in your practice together with your Transart peers. It is vitally important that all students protect these four precious weeks together each year to focus entirely on things practice-related, and it often becomes problematic when family and/or friends are present (even for part of the time) as it is very difficult if not impossible to fully participate with the distractions and/or responsibilities of family or social commitments. 

Family and friends are invited to Transart events that are open to the public only, otherwise they are for the Transart residency community as specified on each residency program. We encourage students and faculty to only invite family and friends to the last day of residency events and to plan any family and friend activities post-residency. 

Residencies allow you a brief opportunity away from your regular lives to work and interact independently and to focus exclusively on your own practice. We foster this intensive environment as the catalyst to create and nurture possibilities for fundamental change which lie at the heart of the Transart experience.