Summer Residency Teaching Agreement

1. Please send the agreement form below no later than June 15.
2. If you have not already, Upload your approved syllabus here
3. Let us know if you need any profile updates at any point here orin “People” under “Forms”.


Travel budget and coordination options:

1. Transart will send a flight option from your home city to Berlin for the dates of your teaching commitments plus one day on either side for acclimatizing and meeting with potential advisees.

If you choose this option in the agreement, you will have 48 hours to accept the flight offer Transart sends. If you don’t accept you will automatically defer to option 2:

2. If you prefer to arrange your own flight, you will be reimbursed after the residency up to the amount of the original flight offer from Transart and only for your flight. You must submit receipts with your final invoice in order to be reimbursed for your flight.

Please Note: Transart will not pay for extra bags, meals, snacks etc.

Payments cannot be made during the residency.

Transart will reserve you a room at the Easy Hotel for the duration of your teaching commitments plus a day on either side.

If you do not wish to stay at the Easy Hotel, you will be responsible for arranging and paying for your own accommodation.

Uferstudios, Badstr. 41a (Gate 1) Berlin
You will have your own studios between 900 -1500 sf each with lighting, speakers, and projector. Additionally there is a communal kitchen and faculty conference room. Transart will supply a Macbook Air for full group presentations. Please bring your materials on a USB drive to load on to the Transart computer and Keynote will be installed. If you need anything special, please let us know in your syllabus.

Communication with students
After registration you will receive a class list and a listserv with all the students in your class signed up. Please use your course email list and don’t send group or individual emails. Student registration may change, your forum is the only way all students current and future will get your announcements.

Course Requirements
All sessions of your course are required. Please keep attendance and let Andrew know directly after your class if anyone is not present. Notify us as well if a student’s performance is inadequate or there are any issues. Please don't wait until the end, when it's too late for us to intervene. 

Reading Assignments
All required readings (PDF or links please) are posted in your course within your syllabus. For required reading please review your students’ reading diaries in their Transart blogs prior to your class. (You’ll receive a class list and communication platform by July 15th). Be sure to discuss the readings in your class and the diaries either individually or as a group. No reading assignments of more than 5 pages shall be given during the residency. Maximum 100 pages required reading per day per course. A three day course can require up to 300 pages. Suggested additional reading is always welcome. Please email if any reading diaries are inadequate.

You can find your student’s blogs here. Password to access any protected student blogs is: ti18

We invite you to take 10 minutes to introduce yourself and your current practice to the full school just prior to your course. Please take the last 15 minutes of the course (if teaching a three day class) to share your course with the full group. This will take the full last hour of your course. Faculty each week can decide if and how they want to use this last hour "Workshop Outcomes".

Student presentations
Will take place evenings throughout the residency. You will be scheduled to review two student presentations. 

Please meet with student/s on the day following your workshop and attend their evening presentation if possible. A committee meeting can take place in person or by skype during the residency.

Faculty recommendations from the director are available to those having taught at two or more residencies. Be sure to include a draft with everything you wish stated, whether it will take the form of a letter or availability for a phone inquiry. Allow four weeks and take note of breaks in the academic calendar. Students should not expect recommendations from you unless you have been a studio or research advisor.

$500 per teaching day. There are no additional stipends.

Tax Matters
One of the following forms must be submitted before payment.

Submit form W-9 if you are a US citizen or permanent resident.
Submit form W-8BEN if you are not a US citizen or permanent resident.

NOTE: Transart cannot be held liable for your taxes and is not able to give you tax advice.

If you have any academic questions please let us know here. Payment inquiries should be sent here.