Syllabus - "Polyplot"


Lynn Book

In this 3-day workshop we will conduct an investigation of bodies in migration, interaction, challenge and exchange modes with a focus on sounding, singing, speaking, listening and proposal.  In the studio we’ll co-create focused experiments around the threshold nature of the voicing body, then enlarge our inquiry into the polyglot status of the nomadic subject* as we engage the cityscape.  Attention will be directed to the polysemic qualities of ‘plot’ as a fluid organizing principle for critically engaging mapping, meaning and methodology.

Our aspiration will be to create new prospects for futuring polybodies in radically changing environments.

Day 1, we’ll engage in deep dive studio experiments that activate intimate and emergent voices through a range of bodied practices.
Day 2 we’ll move to alternative sites to tender both staged and discovery encounters in the city.
By day 3, we will have developed polyplots that result in maps, scores, texts, instruction and/or live conduction frameworks for performance.

Required Reading

Excerpts, Rosi Braidotti, Nomadic Subjects, preface + chapter 1, 60 pages pdf

Excerpts, David Apelbaum, Voice, preface + Cough, Verge, Chant, Poem, 60 pages  pdf

Iris Rogoff, We Collectivities, essay, 6 pages pdf

Anne Carson, Glass, Irony and God, “The Gender of Sound”, 18 pages pdf

Michael Parsons, The Scratch Orchestra, essay, 7 pages pdf

Suggested Reading

Excerpts from Michel Foucault, Fearless Speech, Part 1, 15 pages
Ryan Dohoney, On Adriana Cavarerro’s Vocal Philosophy, essay, 17 pages
Chandra Mohanty, Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses, essay, 27 pages

nomad, migration, voice, scores, bodies, subjectivities, polyglot, becoming, collectivities