Presenting Artistic Research

Sarah Bennett

We all relish the critical insights that we receive from our peers and advisors when they give their undivided attention during our presentations. Their close observations of our artistic research is so very valuable… sometimes they raise questions we had not even imagined! But how can we optimise these opportunities for critical feedback through the preparation of the material we present? What do we choose or select to present? How do we share it? How do we decide on the balance between ‘showing’ and ‘telling’ in the short amount of time we each have allocated? These are the questions we will begin with in this one day workshop.


- to reflect upon the models we privilege when presenting our artistic research

- to evaluate the effectiveness of those models for different types of practice

- to share  and consider alternative models

- to trial unfamiliar modes of presentation within a group exercise


10-11 What works… what doesn’t? We’ll share examples of presentations we have attended or given!

11-11.30 Improvised or rehearsed? Taking what we have found out about and discussed in the first hour, we will establish a range of possible presentation ‘models’ taking account of different types of practice.

Break for coffee

12-1pm All workshop participants prepare a 5 minute presentation for the afternoon session that tests a method of presentation that they have not used before.

1-2pm Lunch

2-3.30pm Exercise: short presentations and group feedback

3.30-4.30pm Workshop Summary

Materials students should bring to class
Powerbooks or equivalent, sources of own practice and writing to use in exercise.

presentation, performance, critique, improvisation