By Konjit Seyoum and Ladan Yalzadeh


Thursday August 11
18:30 – 19:30
Studio 14

(TH)READING TOGETHER will be mainly an exploration of the process of discovery and creation through the gateway of the body. In our case, the body spins thread, the body sleeps and dreams, the body holds the thread that runs through time and space. The body that intuits, that feels, that writes, that tells the story.
Our presentation will be a mixture of conversation surrounding the process and themes in our works along with reading each others creative writing. In this way, we will weave a third thread, a new fabric made of each of our threads.


I am a woman and I do women’s work. 
I spin cotton.
I am a high whorl spindle spinner.
I spin literally, conceptually and metaphorically.
I spin to thread a line, a yarn, a story, a tale.
I thread, entwine, navigate and edge through lines and tales
from past and present.
I negotiate between lines, marks, boundaries, lineage and heritage.
I draft, twist and wind my yarn to create a line in time and space.
I spin on time, out of time, and through time to generate
a line that is in line and out of line.
I spin my identity, my life, my story.

My process is
time consuming and
labor intensive.


Ladan Yalzadeh is a writer, performer and filmmaker, organizer and teacher. 
Ladan’s transcultural state of body and mind is elemental in all her projects. Her work is deeply personal and increasing global in exploring displacement, trivialization, marginalization, assimilation, individuation, emancipation and a questioning of the status quo. In her latest writing project, EATING FOR TWO, Ladan explores loss, love, memory and longing in her most personal work to date.
Ladan’s the recipient of several honors including 2009 Noor Film Festival’s Best Short Film Award for The Florist, the AFI Directing Workshop for Women Scholarship in 2004, which she was the first Iranian-American to receive, the Nell Shipment Film Award and the Eastern Washington University Artist Award.
Ladan’s work has also been in display in Iran, Germany, Chile, Spain and the United States.