Transart Media Exchange

If you run into any issues or have any questions about the Transart Media Exchange, please send an email to:

Transart Media Exchange:

Make sure that you are using the https url - do not use an unsecured site url for this portal. We also ask that you visit this page or upload files using a secure internet connection.

If you click the link and you get a message about accessing the server from an untrusted domain instead of being able to login, make sure you are using the full url:

username: tistudent
password: Email for the password

The maximum upload rate is set to 513MB. That said, we do have a limited amount of space on our server so please be conscious of how large your files are. Compress them if needed.

After logging on:
After you log on to Transart’s ownCloud, you will land on the Files page. On this page you will see at least two folders - Documents and Photos. The Documents folder will contain a file with these instructions as well. All files need to be uploaded to one of the preexisting “shared” folders - currently Documents and Photos. Do not create new folders in the home file directory - only create them within one of the preexisting folders.

To upload files:

  1. Click on the name of the folder you want to add files to.
  2. There are 2 ways of adding files.
    1. You can simply drag a folder or file from your computer to the file manager or… within that folder, at the top of the list of files, you should see a plus (+) symbol. Click that symbol and select Upload.
      1. A local window will pop up and here you should be able to navigate to the files you want to upload. You can only upload files and not folders through this option.
  3. If you need to add a folder, you can do so by clicking the plus + symbol at the top of the file list - select Folder and type a file name, then hit enter.
  4. Remember to log out when you are finished with your session.