David Krippendorff



David Krippendorff is an American-German artist, video, and experimental filmmaker born in Berlin in 1967.

He grew up in Rome, Italy and studied art at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin (Germany), where he graduated with a masters degree in 1997.

David Krippendorff's works have been shown internationally, a.o. at New Museum (New York), ICA (London), Hamburger Kunsthalle (Hamburg), Museum on the Seam (Jerusalem). He has participated in three Biennials (Prague, Poznan and Tel Aviv). He grew up in Rome (Italy) and studied fine arts at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin (Germany), where he graduated with a masters degree in 1997.
Both his video work and his paintings and drawings are based on Hollywood movies, using them to explore hidden ideologies and utopia, but also to question ideas of identity and belonging. For this reason his choice goes toward Hollywood classics, i.e. those films that have become part of our cultural references and collective conscious.
Krippendorff started with an extensive body of work based on The Wizard of Oz (USA, 1939), exploring the ideals of home and belonging intrinsic in the narrative structure of that film. Another series is based on Gilda (USA, 1945), chosen because of its obscure historic connection to the first atomic bomb tested on the Bikini Islands and nicknamed Gilda after Rita Hayworth’s role in the movie. The series comprehends the three videos Blame (2002), Sleeping Beauty (2003) and The Beautiful Island (part 1) (2004) as well as several drawings and paintings.
A body of work based upon West Side Story (USA, 1961) tackles issues of immigration, belonging and nationalism. The two video works, A Small Fee (2009) and Altered States (2008), utilize the script of the movie, recontexctualizing it to our current global tensions. Altered States premiered at the Mediation Biennial in Poznan (Poland) and was shown at the Israel Video Biennial in Tel Aviv (Videozone 4).

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