Ian Clothier


Ian M Clothier is an artist, Senior Academic at Western Institute of Technology at Taranaki New Zealand (0.6), founding Director of Intercreate Research Centre - intercreate.org - (0.4) and co-founding Director of SCANZ (Solar Circuit Aotearoa New Zealand) with Trudy Lane and Nina Czegledy.

His projects have been selected for Uncontainable ISEA 2011 Exhibition, Cultura Digital at Rio de Janeiro, What if at Puke Ariki Museum New Zealand 2010-2011, ISEA 2009 Belfast Exhibition, Taranaki culture at Puke Ariki 2009, net.NET at The JavaMuseum, for Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival in the USA, ISEA 2006 San Jose exhibition, Graphite at the University of Otago NZ, the First International Festival of Electronic Art in Rio de Janeiro, Fair Assembly at ZKM, New Forms Festival in Vancouver, ISEA 2004 Tallinn/Helsinki exhibition, ReJoyce in Dublin, Wild 2002 in the Tasmanian Museum and he has had 13 solo exhibitions.

Working in diverse media and often with collaborators, projects have involved data loggers and web based applications, robotics, socio-political data visualisation, micronation creation, augmented reality, motion sensoring, online survey and installation. Thematically projects involve notions around nonlinearity and cultural hybridity, and more recently these are united within notions of integrated systems. Integrated systems influenced projects include Haiku robots, The Park Speaks, and the augmented reality project branch on branch v3.1. Nonlinear projects include A Wandering Rock based on the chapter of Ulysses which utilised movement sensors, Seven sisters, and several collaborative works. Cultural projects include the hybrid micronation The District of Leistavia, where online response and voting forms were used to create the Leistavian Constitution, query cultural identification and make history. His written work has been published in journals including Leonardo, Convergence and Digital Creativity and he has selected for and given many conference presentations including Media Art History and the International Conference on Thinking.

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