Nancy Nisbet

Nancy Nisbet is an interdisciplinary artist and educator. Informed by her scientific underpinning, her art production and philosophical inquiry are fundamentally intertwined – one affirmatively bootstraps the other. Her artwork and writing explore a range of social and political challenges. Her writing and artworks have dealt with the relationship of climate change and human activities; interventions in international free trade in order to foster human connection between strangers; experiments into the blurring of meaning through wireless technology and traditional narrative structures; and the traces of human presence and ideology marked onto the built environment.

Inspired by the work of philosophers Alain Badiou and Catherine Malabou, Nisbet’s doctoral dissertation is an exploration of the possibilities of real change and the becoming of a subject in the context of a biological event of mutation. What does it mean to be a ‘subject’ when the world in question is the internal molecular environment of a body?

Nisbet’s art work has been funded by national granting organizations and included in many exhibitions, residencies, and conferences in Canada, the United States, Argentina, Germany, Thailand, and Japan. She has published essays in Leonardo, Rhizomes, Netzspannung, Art & Biotechnologies, and been included in the textbook, Entering the Academic Conversation: Strategies for Research Writing. Her recent essay entitled “Rethinking Exchange: Event, Ideology, and Artistic Procedure” has been translated into French and is forthcoming (Summer/Fall 2014) from La Collection Phosphore of Laval University.

She currently teaches courses in Liberal Studies, Photography, and Μedia Αrts at the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary.


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Advisor: Studio/Research