Zeigam Azizov

Zeigam Azizov studied art and philosophy in France, the UK and Austria.

Central to his work is the question of cross-circulations of knowledge through images and the philosophical paradigm in contemporary art, which he explores in videos, films, drawings and installations. His work is informed by practices of art and media, conceptual art, practices of screen and cinema, as well as by philosophy, critical theory, and post-colonial studies. These questions are extended into his theoretical work in the field of the critical use of new media, conceptual art and philosophy.

He  exhibited his work worldwide, including most recently: the Venice Biennale (Azerbaijan pavilion, 2011 and Utopia Station, 2003), Tate Modern, London, UK (2006), House der Kunst, Munich, Germany (2004), Grazer Kunstverein, Graz, Austria (2002), and TN Probe, Tokyo, Japan (2001) among others. He had solo exhibitions at London’s ICA, (1995) and Lakeside Kunstraum, Klagenfurt, Austria (2008).

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