MFA Creative Practice
9760 USD per semester - 4 semester program

PhD Creative Practice
$13650 USD per semester - 4-6 semester program

Summer Academy
2000 USD Certificate program (1 week)
5000 USD Certificate program (3 weeks)

Admissions Deadlines
Winter enrollment: rolling admissions until December 1, 2017
Summer enrollment: rolling admissions until April 1, 2018
We encourage you to apply as early as possible if searching for funding. Letters of support available upon acceptance. 

Tuition Deadlines
Deposits: 4 weeks from receipt of admissions invoice to hold your place in the program and remain eligible for awards. 1000 USD (non-refundable).
Tuition (early) summer/fall: May 15 for  priority registration for limited placement classes, receive readings and assignments in advance. 
Tuition (final) summer/fall: June 15 registration closing date (you will only have one week to prepare for classes and complete your readings)
Tuition winter/spring: December 15, no tuition deposit required.


Application PROCESS

Accelerated path or fast track MFA to PhD
With an exceptionally focused and accomplished practice you can begin in your second summer to prepare your MPhil proposal with the support of your advisors to begin the PhD the same summer you complete the MFA. 

Advanced Standing MFA
One semester of advanced standing can be granted for graduate level work from accredited institutions and two for those with previous creative MFA/PhD degrees.

As an accepted applicant you may reapply with no application fee or hold your place for one year with a non-refundable deposit.

Non-refundable deposits are due within 30 days from acceptance, 15 days for winter admissions and 15 days to accept a scholarship. 

Equivalency or no first degree MFA
Candidates for professional equivalency provide an expanded CV showing personal life/work experiences relevant to the Creative Practice MFA program. Your CV should, where appropriate, include exhibitions or projects undertaken, community work, conferences attended or papers given, all courses attended, as well as any teaching, or promotional materials that you have produced.

Fees and tuition
Tuition remains the same throughout your education. 
You cover your own living and travel expenses.
There is a late fee of $250 for missed tuition deadlines without an extension request form. 
Transart is a truly international low-residency school with students coming from all over the world. Unlike location-based, bricks and mortar schools, all Transart students pay the same tuition - there is no separate revenue stream for overseas students that traditional universities have.
Please note that in certain circumstances PhD students may request to undertake an alternate residency during their course of study. If approved however this does not effect tuition for that semester.

Questions and payment arrangements please contact accounting here.
Scholarship offers are only valid for 30 days and must be confirmed by deposit.
All deposits are a commitment and therefore non-refundable.
See Financial aid page for Plymouth University Sallie Mae Student Loans.
Students must be current with tuition in advance of a residency in order to attend.

One or two video conference (Skype) interviews are held with all MFA and Summer Academy Program finalists with one or two faculty. With PhD interviews, a second meeting is organized to include potential PhD advisors suggested by the board based on your proposal. Our Plymouth University Liaison will also organize a meeting with you as she will be proposing a second supervisor. A third meeting with potential supervisors and yourself will be arranged by PhD advisors prior to the residency to discuss your proposal in more depth for additional input to advance your proposal, time permitting. Alumni, students and faculty are available for consultation prior to commitment to the program. An offer to commence the PhD will be made (from Transart and Plymouth) after the completion of the summer residency by October.

PhD matriculation
Students have the opportunity to revise their MPhil proposal based on input received at the summer residency until September 15. If mutually agreed upon a confirmation letter will be sent October 1st.
Note: students not continuing will receive a Summer Certificate from the Transart Academy and tuition minus the summer tuition ($4880) will be reimbursed by October 1st. 

PhD completion year
Students have the option to spend an additional year completing their thesis with the support of their advisors. Students will be invoiced only for the fees of the advisors, consultants and reviewers they work with up to and including their Viva Voce and if necessary during any re-write process. The fee for completion year will be based on a $2000 annual fee for DoS and/or pro-rated based on your requirements, a £260 fee for Plymouth University (additional fees will apply for post-Viva re-write and any consultants and reviewers).