By Lindey Anderson, Asher Mains & Omar Shoukri


Tuesday August 2
18:30 – 20:00
Studio 14

Location and its resources brings these diverse artists together through cross culture dialogue. The works interface with each other through their common examination of existential elements, earth and water, and through allowing these different locations to become something more than just a site. This call for unification and bringing awareness to the communication between ourselves and others create a cyclical sequence to an emotional, yet grounding experience.

Asher Mains sets out to examine local materials and objects within the Caribbean context and their unique relationship to their geopolitical existence, history and identity.

Lindsey Anderson, has incorporated Ojibwe heritage in her ‘Rooted in Red project’ by looking at the contemporary use of red ochre and exploration of resources from the earth. The contemporary creation of a pictograph and its depiction from traditions aims to embrace the viewer into a warmth of the color and a woven context for unity.

Omar Shoukri, works within the same context of identity and existence by describing his surroundings and relationship to water and by giving an insight into a different culture while sharing the same emotional spectrum of experiences within an interactive installation.





LINDEY ANDERSON (Denver, Colorado)
A painter and printer by trade.  Lindey has recently explored the pigment and color red, which has been the the main focus of her work.  Her desire to understand the pigment aesthetically and physically results in series of paintings on and off the canvas that allow for the natural conversations to occur.   Focusing on the fundamentals of art and life, her work expresses a simple, yet deep understanding of how we see and relate to colors and pigments. She is co-creator of One Bead Press out of Iowa City, Iowa.  Her current studio practice is located in the Santa Fe Arts District in Denver, Colorado.  She has exhibited in Iowa, Colorado, and Berlin, Germany.  She is currently finishing her Masters of Fine Arts through Transart Institute in creative process and theory and continuing her involvement with the Rooted in RED project in Denver.





With his recent appearance with Grenada’s first Official National Pavilion at the 2015 Venice Biennale, ASHER MAINS is an emerging voice in the Southern Caribbean that is worth noting. Having shown work in his home country of Grenada over the past 20 years, Mains has also shown in New York, Berlin, Barbados, Bolivia, Basel, Shanghai, and Rio de Janeiro with upcoming exhibitions in Colombia and Aruba.

Primarily a representational painter, Mains uses art objects to initiate dialogue and experiences. Mains has been working with material exploration for art making involving materials that can be sourced entirely within Grenada, reducing the dependence on the importing of cost-restrictive art media. Further, Mains asserts that our place, or landscape contributes to our identity and by using objects and materials within our locality we our referencing our identity. By recognizing materials that we have a relationship with the viewer can have an empathic relationship with a piece based on what an object or material can tell us about ourselves. In this way, Mains engages in a process of materiality that is empathic and mnemonic.




OMAR SHOUKRI is active as a film director, music producer and educator. His research explores the intersections of experimental film and music with the examination of identity in social hierarchies and the subconscious.

Since 1994 his work is in documenting and exploring narratives, visually or acoustically, between different cultures. This initiated a journey from his origin in Stuttgart, Germany across prestigious Broadcast TV Networks, event and film production companies in Berlin (SAT.1 TV), London (CNN / BBC Arabic), Los Angeles (Admusic), New York (Mckinsey & Co.) and Dubai (MBC).
As a film maker his work has been featured at the NYU Institute, Imagine Science Film Festival Abu Dhabi, Goethe Institute Barcelona, Transart Institute New York and Berlin.
As a musician and DJ he has received continuous international commissions and performances including the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, Liverpool Arts Festival, Pfefferberg Berlin, Abu Dhabi Classic Radio and MTV Arabia.

His academic path originated in 2006, when he taught various aspects of film and music production to undergraduate classes at Middlesex University.
This led him to consult with the BBC Academy on media training initiatives for government entities, and eventually to thrive in the multi-national community at New York University in Abu Dhabi.